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The Best Time for Your Photo Session

Updated: May 21

There is never a bad time for a photo session, but there are specific times throughout the day when the light is much better for portrait photography.

Time of Day Early mornings (sunrise) and late afternoons (two hours before sunset) are my ideal times to start a photo session. The light is much softer and complimentary. Additionally, photographing at these times allows for more lighting options and variety, such as going from daylight to dusk all within a 90 minute session (see below).

Are You Available To Photograph Mid-Day? Of course! Although the light is harsh, it is not impossible to photograph during the day. I typically scout a location prior to shooting there, so that I have a better understanding of what the environment and lighting situation will be like on the day of the photo session.

Which Day Works Best For A Photo Session? Photo sessions, such as maternity and engagement, are typically held in regional parks, beaches or a downtown area. With that being said, these locations are usually packed with people on the weekends. Crowded places usually involve limited parking, a less intimate photo session experience and people unintentionally photobombing a session. For these reasons, I strongly recommend booking a photo session during the week.

Leave It To Me Whether you decided on booking your next photo session on a weekday during golden hour, or on a weekend in the middle of the day, one thing is certain, you’re in good hands with Derek Escobedo Photography.


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